The Allocator – providing asset protection & tax-free incomes for Australian families since 2010

The Allocator software, Australia’s first & only on-line estate planning software, was developed in 2010 by Craig Ball, Director of Succession & Estate Planners Pty Ltd & Peter Sa, Director of JPL Accountants.

The idea for this user-friendly estate planning software came about after Craig had just completed a national estate planning roadshow &, on his return to Brisbane, was inundated with requests from Financial Planners & Risk Specialists right around the country to develop ‘something’ that could assist them with the estate planning complexities that currently exist within the realms of superannuation & life insurance.

The questions that Craig has always asked are:

  • Why is it that 99% of Australians superannuation fund members nominate their beneficiaries to receive ‘Lump Sums’?
  • Why is it that the vast majority of Financial Planners & Risk Specialists in Australia never discuss the other options with their superannuation & insurance clients?
  • In Australia, we have at our disposal some amazing estate planning ‘tools’ that allow us to protect our assets & take advantage of substantial tax-free income streams, but not many Australians even know that these tools exist. Why is this?

Whatever the answer, Craig & Peter were adamant that Australian families deserved to know the advantages & disadvantages of all of their options, hence they began building their first prototype. Engaging the services of a PhD Mathematician (to build the complex algorithms), a Software Engineer (to code the program) & a mid-tier Accounting Practice (to assess the program for taxation accuracy), & after months & months of testing & re-testing, The Allocator finally went ‘live’ around Australia.

Today, with the help of The Allocator, Accountants, Financial Planners & Risk Specialists all over Australia are helping their clients save literally millions of dollars in ‘hidden death taxes’, whilst at the same time ensuring that client’s assets are protected against unforeseen & unpleasant circumstances such as bankruptcy, relationship breakdowns etc.

If your Financial Planners &/or Risk Specialist haven’t discussed the advantages & disadvantages of ALL of your superannuation & life insurance beneficiary options, then put them in touch with us so that we can assist or send them this link

We don’t need to be paying the Australian Tax Office any more than what is necessary!

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