The Transfer Balance Cap Auto Calculator is just one of the new features that has been added to The Allocator software. When designing the new ‘Transfer Balance Cap Auto Calculator’ feature we basically had two objectives: 1) To still offer Planners the flexibility to input predetermined Death Benefit Pension payments, calculate the most tax-effective Death Benefit Pension payments, and/or obtain the most effective beneficiary allocations; plus 2) Do all of the above within the new transfer balance cap limit of $1,600,000.

The feedback from users of The Allocator software has been extremely positive. Geoff Bird, Senior Financial Planner at Infocus Nedlands wrote:

I just thought I would let you know that I think this tool is incredible and these changes / updates make it the only tool in the market that does the TBC calcs! This new legislation has taken complication to a whole new level when providing life insurance advice to clients (bulk of my clients are regular Mums and Dads) but with the Allocator, it is so easy that I can explain the logic in front of clients. Well done and I love it!”

If you have clients with kids still living at home then they need to see this!