I had never been a client of Craig’s, however Craig and his team were only too willing to assist me and my family after they discovered that the Industry Superannuation fund, with which I was a member, was constantly putting up barriers during my terminal illness claim.

It was stressful enough having to deal with my predicament, the chemotherapy and my family’s grief, but then being treated like ‘a number’ by this large organisation made it almost impossible to bare.

This was when my employer, one of Craig’s clients, brought this to Craig’s attention. Craig immediately stepped in and took control of the situation. I was amazed at how quickly he and his team responded and how quickly the insurance proceeds were deposited into my account.

My only regret is that my wife and I were not introduced to Craig and the rest of his team years ago. My family’s financial circumstances would certainly be a lot healthier.”

I think it is when you lose someone close to you that you see the real value in what Craig does.

I hate to think what it would have been like having to deal with things like the death claim, transferring names on mortgage documents and superannuation funds etc., finalising taxation issues, executing the estate, all at a time when you are in a highly emotional state.

Craig just took control of everything – it all just happened. He & his team were calm, empathetic and explained things very carefully to me during this very difficult time.

Thank God my husband & I actually took up Craig’s recommendations though. The partnership agreements, the Wills, the insurances – they saved us. If we didn’t have these in place I would have lost my house, I would have had to move the kids out of their schools and extra-curricular activities, and I would probably still be battling my deceased husband’s business partner in the courts.”

In 2004 I asked Craig to advise my business partner and me on some business succession issues.

Craig and one of his lawyers (Andre) had a number of meetings with us to analyse our situation and they recommended that we put in place a Buy/Sell agreement with insurances to cover the cost if one of us passed away or became disabled. Craig & Andre then assisted our families with some important Estate Planning issues and helped us structure our Wills and personal affairs properly.

Four years later my business partner suffered a massive heart attack and passed away. He was still a young man with a young family. I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t take these things seriously though and had not implemented Craig’s recommendations. I do know however, that I would have lost my business and all of my employees would be looking for new jobs.

I have now asked Craig to speak with my staff. This is just so important. We all think we are ten foot tall and bullet proof, but we aren’t. Sickness, accidents, death, these things happen every day to someone. It is not a case of ‘if’, but ‘when’ it will happen to us.

I think everyone should be given the opportunity to talk to professional advisers. At least then they have the choice to protect themselves and their families properly. We did, and we are so grateful that we did everything that Craig and his team suggested.”

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