Craig Ball DFS (FP), AFA.

Craig joined the financial services industry in 1988 after serving his country for seven years with the Royal Australian Navy. Spending most of that time on board H.M.A.S Brisbane, which included time in the Persian Gulf during the Iran/Iraq war, has probably instilled the discipline that is evident in the way Craig manages his practice, & structures his client’s affairs.

Initially starting his career in the financial services industry as a consultant with the AMP Society, he quickly joined the management ranks and was responsible for sales teams in Eastwood (NSW), Cairns & then Toowong.

In 1996 Craig started his own practice specializing in the areas of Succession Planning, Estate Planning & Personal Risk.  Craig’s attention to detail & technical expertise soon became recognized throughout the industry with many accountants, financial planners & risk advisers seeking his assistance with their own client’s business and personal needs. This proficiency has been invaluable particularly when managing claims for his clients.

Craig was invited to merge his practice with The Carter Group in 2007 after it was determined that one of the founding Directors would be unable to return to work due to an ongoing battle with cancer.

In 2010 Craig & his team developed The Allocator software program, Australia’s first on-line Estate Planning tool. Many financial planners & risk advisers around Australia now using The Allocator software to obtain optimum income & taxation outcomes for their clients.

The partnership in The Carter Group was dissolved in 2014, however Craig continues to look after the needs of his many clients around the country. He also continues to run Estate Planning workshops for a number of institutions as well as consulting predominantly within the accounting & financial planning industries.

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